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Haley Sipsock
Columbus-based artist Haley Sipsock works with mixed media to create feminist and unconventional art. She concentrated in fine art photography at The Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA in Photography. She has developed a love for experimenting with and incorporating different media into her photography practice. This lead to her development in digital and analog photography and 19th century printing processes like cyanotypes and van dykes. Sipsock has exhibited work at Open Space Art Gallery in Ottawa, IL, Women of Art 2021 online exhibition with Las Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, and Alexander Hall Gallery in Savannah, GA. Currently, Haley is attending Columbus College of Art and & Design, where she is pursuing an MFA in Visual Arts. Her work continues to evolve in complexity with her growing use of mixed materials. Her passion of photography and art is now leading her on an exciting path of teaching with Oatlabs as a photo instructor as well as being a teaching assistant at her college.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Haley Sipsock
Saturday the 28th of May 2022
Getting to Know Your Camera Photography Meetup - Franklin Park - 9:00 am - 2 hours
Got a new camera? Still can't figure out how to use Manual settings and it's been a couple of years? This meetup will be perfect for you to get comfortable with your camera and its settings. You will learn how to shoot manually, how to hold your camera correctly, and get a ton of experience when it comes to shooting your camera! I'll be right by your side as you navigate the settings and start photographing your surroundings. We will even go over the importance of composition and how to use certain settings to create an artistic style of your choice!
Instructor: Haley Sipsock
$35pp     9 places left
Sunday the 29th of May 2022
Mirrors and Reflections Photography Meetup - Columbus Park of Roses - 9:00 am - 2 hours
Let's try something new and get creative! Let's use some mirrors or surfaces that reflect and include them in our photos! This can be anything from using mirrors in your portraiture, grabbing a rainbow crystal and holding it in front of your lens to get some cool flares, or even using reflections from the surrounding area like water or windows. Let's pump out a small series of 3-5 works that are cohesive and play around with a new artistic style using mirrors or reflections.
Instructor: Haley Sipsock
$35pp     9 places left
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